Why You Should Stop Providing One Time Services (Such as One-Time Mowing or Fertilization)

 Should You Stop Providing One Time Services?

For example, providing one of any of the following: lawn mowing, bush trimming, fertilization, weed control application, pest control visit, spot ant treatment, etc. is generally not worth the time or effort,  ESPECIALLY for one-time clients.  Exceptions can and should be made for regular full maintenance clients.

I am not referring to a one time flower installs, mulch install, sod, landscape, spring cleanup, or leaf cleanup.

However, regarding leaf clean-ups in areas where the leaf cleanup is a small job, it’s typically not worth it.  In Northern states where the leaf cleanup is a large job and sometimes requires a vacuum truck, that is a different story.

Top 7 Points Summarized:

Why you should NOT offer one time services to non-current customers:
  1. People asking for a one time service (that will be one-time customers) are not ideal because you can’t insure they are coming back. There is a big risk of write-offs, bad debt and charge backs. They are not loyal clients. These jobs generally require more prep and hand holding and lead to more call backs, re-dos, etc.
  2. Recommend one-times only if they are a current core service client.
  3. Consider requiring one-time customers to pay in advance or put their credit card on file.
  4. Distracts focus from current (more valuable) clients.
  5. Use as a sales opportunity to encourage sign up for Core services. Nicely express that you only do one time services for full maintenance clients and this is to honor the  customer service commitment you have promised your customers.  Offer to set the lead up on a regular schedule for one of your core services.
  6. Consider only performing one time services during the winter in the interest of winning new accounts or stabilizing your revenue if your business is really slow. The spring season is just too busy!
  7. REMEMBER: Your work is marketing.  Put yourself in a position to execute your best work possible.  One-times are a distraction.

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  1. Interesting read Jonathan. I kind of stumbled on to your site this morning 🙂

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