Can I Charge More For Organic Lawn Care?


6 Important Points about Implementing an Organic Lawn Care Program:

1. Organic Lawn Care offers an opportunity to grow and improve your profit margins.

2. Organics can be both a defensive play for your business and a profit center because people expect to pay more for organic lawn treatments.

3. According to Tom Kelly of BeeSafe, you can charge more to cover increased product costs.  Your net margin should increase a bit.  Labor cost should stay the same if not grow as compared to standard chemical applications.

4. You can use the same equipment for organic treatments.

5. Training a technician to apply the rounds of your organic program is not very difficult.  It is a little bit more difficult, but it is not a scenario where you have to send a tech to get a 2 year degree to be knowledgeable.

6. Moving towards an organic offering is a smart strategic move to give your business the selling advantage and keeps you competitive in your local service market.

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