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Created by Jonathan Pototschnick, co-founder of Service Autopilot, Lawn Care Millionaire is the premiere community to help you achieve the next level of growth in your business.

Jonathan is passing the torch of Lawn Care Millionaire to other successful business owners in the green industry. This is your opportunity to hear their stories of how they grew their businesses to achieve MASSIVE levels of success.

Our Lawn Care Millionaires will share:

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We’d love to hear from you. Our featured LCMs – also known as LCM Lawn Legends – are lawn care pros who have reached the million-dollar mark in their business or are at a run rate to reach that goal.

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One Total Lawn Care Solution to Grow Your Business

We know how important time and money are to you. That’s why Service Autopilot was created to provide you with one total solution that would truly make lawn care business owners’ lives easier.

Service Autopilot gives you everything you need to:

Our software is made for lawn care businesses by lawn care businesses, giving it a more humanistic, intuitive feel. You’ll see streamlined workflows that just make sense as you move flawlessly from screen to screen.

From software that makes your daily workflow move quickly to a team of hardworking individuals whose #1 goal is to help you – Service Autopilot has you covered, no matter which phase of business growth you’re in.