Switching Fom Scag To Toro Zero Turn Mowers


Hey, it’s Jonathan. I get the question over and over again about what kind of lawn care equipment to use. I want to give you an update on what we’re using and what changes we’ve made in our landscape equipment.

I hear this question literary a hundred times a year. First and foremost, we use Scag. But, now we’re using Toro as well. We’ve looked at everything from Scag to John Deer. John Deer actually flew one of our guys up to Ohio, I believe, for a while to try to get us to buy their equipment and we did find that experience interesting.

I know some other guys are running them, but we don’t. We just don’t have any personal experience with them. We’ve always been loyal to Scag because it’s easier to have one type of equipment. Scag and Toro have big product lines for the riders and the zero radius mowers.

This year we acquired our first Toro. We were allowed to take it to use for a while to test it out. Thus far, we are very impressed! We think that it has a lot of potential and it may become the new product that we will use long term.

We also use a lot of Red Max for weed eaters and line trimmers. If we could, we would probably use Stihl, but our vendor continues to give us incredible pricing and we want to remain loyal to them since they have been great to work with. They just don’t carry the Stihl brand. We also do not use Eco.

For all of our push mowers and small equipment, it’s all Toro with Honda engines. We don’t use a lot of walk behinds. We pretty much use small mowers, or go ahead and jump to riders just from a production standpoint.

Because the question is so prevalent, I wanted to give you a quick update on what we are using and what we are liking. Those are the brands that we will be with for a while.


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  1. I to just purchased a scag turf tiger II. Great mower, side discharge not so great,brake system not great. Strong g machine. I use to run ferris. Not sure why I change. Looking for something different. Always searching for a better product. How is the toro? And what model?

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