Organic Program: If I use less fertilizer & water will the lawn still be green?

Using less water and less fertilizer does not mean your customer’s lawns will suffer and no longer be green.  Hear Tom Kelly of BeeSafe talk about how using an organic lawn care program with reduced fertilizer is actually beneficial to your customers’ lawns.

Main Points according to Tom:

  • The quality of the lawn will not suffer under an organic program.  The lawn won’t be as intensely green but it will still be an even, deep color.
  • When it comes to speed of growth, the organic approach does slow the growth of the grass because some applications do not include a fertilizer that results in artificial growth.
  • Since you’re not applying as much fertilizer, watering less is definitely an option.
  • Water education of your customers is a big deal. You can sell clients on saving money through reduced watering and better water conservation.

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