My Number One Lawn Care Marketing Tip

Watch this video to learn Jonathan’s number one lawn care marketing tip.

When I’m asked to critique a door hanger, postcard, website, some type of marketing piece, the most common thing that I see is that piece is trying to do too much. It’s trying to say too much. It’s trying to be too much. When I say it’s trying to say too much, I don’t mean that it’s too wordy because I often find that a lot of copy and text works well when combined with the right imagery.

What I mean by trying to say too much is, it’s possibly trying to give so much information that it’s trying to go straight for the sell. It’s trying to give price, all the benefits, five different ways to get a hold of you, and what’s being imagined when that piece was created is how can I get them to sign up for my service?

Really, the way you want to think about it, and so this is a really important tip in whatever marketing piece you create, what is the next action that you want them to take? The final outcome, the goal is to sell. You want them to sign up but you have to move them, this prospect, forward in baby steps. You’ve got to make it effortless, so the reality is that when they receive your door hanger on their door or a postcard in their mailbox, all you really want them to do is to pick up the phone and call you, visit your website and fill out an estimate form or, send you an email. It’s probably one of those three things.

The real purpose of your marketing piece is to get them to do that. It’s not to go for the sale. That’s why it’s not always necessary to put pricing material onto your marketing piece. You don’t need them to know the pricing yet because you’re not going to make the sale yet. All I need them to do, all you need them to do is contact you. When they contact you, you can give them the next set of selling points that they need to hear. You can tell them about the benefits. You can answer their objections.

Then you can give them price because yes, they do need price eventually to make that buying decision, but they may not need it initially. That’s why in most of my marketing pieces I never run the price. It’s not necessary. The only thing I need them to do is contact me. Then the sales team will take the next step, or if they’re sending in a request for an estimate, then our sales team and our estimators or whomever will take that next step. But, all that marketing piece is supposed to do is get them to contact you.

When you think about it that way, that can allow you to mentally focus on that one task, and you can get all the unnecessary language and copy and text off of that marketing piece and focus just on that one mission. If you think about it that way, it will simplify the process that you have to go through to create a marketing piece. It’ll tell you mentally exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and how to go about that, and then you’ll find that your marketing is more successful.

4 Replies to “My Number One Lawn Care Marketing Tip”

  1. I like your content.
    I’m a fan of Dan Kennedy,
    I think you are too, just a feeling.
    If you never heard of him it’s worth
    while to check him out.
    PS Keep it up

  2. Hello Jonathan

    My name is Rene Reveles im from Los Angeles California im 26 yrs old im working full time but not enough so i decied to start a business on the side . I did some research on lawn care ,due to the drought situation that we are facing lots of homes,company’s,parks,etc are drying out turning brown so the solution im trying to offer is painting there lawns green .Im going door to door but no luck yet. I invested over 800$ on tools ,business card ,uniforms . Need some advice what i should do to make my business work

    thank you
    rene reveles

  3. A sales team? Who the F*** is that? Oh ya,,, me! Stop with big business language. I listen to all of your advise. In fact I wouldn’t bother with this cut throat biz without your wisdom but,, the small fish are the folks who needs this advise. SO , you can take it or leave it. A sales team,,, hmmm maybe I would suggest the proper solution for the next goal in the sales process. Not advising that your sales team would handle the process.
    Hear ya later

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