How To Quickly And Easily Upsell More Work

Here is the number one way to upsell more work.

One of the absolute best ways to grow the revenue of your business is to sell more work to the clients you already have. It’s a lot easier to sell them more work than it is to go get additional clients.

One of the best and fastest tricks to do this that I’ve found is to have your technicians, your crews, your teams in the field, take a picture of any issue that they see or anything that needs to be done. The same could be true for your inspectors, or your managers, when they’re out at the property.

In years past, trying to have a tech or a crew write down notes on a route sheet was somewhat of battle. They’d do it but you had to really stay on top of them. It’s so much easier to get them to just snap a picture.

Let’s use bushes as an example. They’re out at the property, the crew sees the bushes need to be trimmed because they’ve been trained to know what to look for. They don’t have to do anything more than snap a picture of the bushes, maybe a couple pictures, and then when that phone comes back to the office those pictures are uploaded and they are emailed to the client.

Email the client and say, “Hey, while we were out today we noticed that your bushes need to be trimmed. Let us know if we can help.”  Sending a picture is a great way to sell. That picture really makes all the difference.

In an example like this you get credit in two ways. One, you can bring more revenue into the business because this is one of the most effective ways to up sell work. And two, it’s also perceived as a high level of customer service. You are paying attention to what’s going on at your client’s property.

I would highly recommend if you want to sell more work and make more money that you consider this approach. Just simply have your teams take pictures in the field, bring those pictures to the office, and then email the client the picture with a quick note. You can pre-write this note so within whatever system you’re using or email system you can have a number of different pre-written emails. One for bush trimming, one for irrigation, one for pest control, one for all the different services that you offer.

We have found this to be such a compelling and successful way to up sell that we built this functionality right into Service Autopilot, but you don’t have to have Service Autopilot to do it. If you’re a Service Autopilot user, you’re listening this, we have all of this now on the dispatch board, on the mobiles, and in the document templates. If you’re not using Service Autopilot, then I’d recommend having your teams use the phone that they’re using now and then bring those back in to you every day. It’s worth the effort even if you don’t have a system that will facilitate this.

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