4 Numbers Are All You Need For Successful Team Building In Your Company

In this video, Jonathan gives you his number one resource for successful team building.

Back in 2007, I heard about something called Kolbe, with a ‘K’, and I noticed that a number of people that I really respected, that were running larger companies, really bought into this concept of this thing called Kolbe. They were using it within their company, so I became interested, and I took what’s called the Kolbe assessment, and I got a score. That score is a four digit number, and it tells you quite a bit.

For example, it helps me understand who to hire, who I need around me, and how to build teams. I want to tell you a little bit about Kolbe in case it’s valuable to you. But first, I want to tell you why I’m even giving you this video. We are hosting our Service Autopilot Conference and we’re going to be putting on a free webinar for those attending our conference.

Then, for our Service Autopilot members, the idea is that we’re doing a Kolbe session taught by a friend of mine by the name of Jason Kupp. He’s certified in Kolbe, I’m not, so I’m not teaching this. He’s going to be putting on a free webinar. I’m going to be on the webinar with him, and I’m going to be asking him some questions. Basically, he’s putting on this free webinar and what the point of this is, we need those that are attending our conference in November that want to come to his bonus session where he goes deep into Kolbe, we need them to attend this webinar first. It’s free.

They need to learn quite a bit about Kolbe so that when they attend the bonus session at our conference they understand what Kolbe is, and all the basics because he’s going to be covering more advanced material. I thought I’d go ahead and offer the same to you. There’s nothing to sell here, it’s free. If you’re interested in learning about Kolbe you can hop on the webinar that we’re going to be hosting this next Monday, and Jason Kupp again is going to be putting it on, and you can hop on that webinar and you can learn about Kolbe.

Back to what Kolbe is and why we’re doing this. Again in 2007, I took the Kolbe assessment, I got my four numbers. I looked at my four numbers and they … I’m not going to give you all the details on it, but they basically tell you how you’re wired. They tell you what your instincts are. It’s not a personality test. And from that, you can conclude all kinds of different things. The problem was I looked at the result and I didn’t really understand what it was telling me. In fact, my fourth number was a one, it’s on a one-to-ten scale and that number has to do with Implementer. That’s the title, it’s Implementer. I got a one. I’m like, “That doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m an implementer. I get stuff done, I make things happen. Why did I get a one on a one-to-ten scale?” I read the details about Kolbe and it still just didn’t totally resonate with me.

Fast forward, I had wanted to implement Kolbe throughout my company and I met Jason Kupp. I hired Jason Kupp to come in, have our entire company take the assessment, and then train our whole company. Since that moment in time, and that was a while back, we have, I have taken Kolbe a second time, by the way, my score is practically the same as the first time. That’s something you learn about. I’ve had my wife take it. I’ve had both my boys take it, and we’ve had everybody in our company take it. We have most of the people that we are about to hire take it, even before we hire them. And here is some of the information that it gives me. It tells me who I need to surround myself with.

I’ll just tell you little bit about what I know from that. For example, I’m really good at researching things. I’m really good at figuring things out. I’m really figuring out what to do. I’m good at figuring out opportunity and strategy. I’m really good at getting things started. I can make things happen and I can get them going. I’m good at solving problems, that goes back to figuring things out, but what I’m not great at is once I figure out a problem, I’m not great at putting that problem into a process, and then executing that process every single day. Day in and day out, and slightly tweaking and improving it. I’ve learned that I need operational people around me. I can really make the thing go but if it was left to just me, and I didn’t surround myself with the right people, my businesses would probably never get very big, unless I got lucky. I have to have the right people around me, the right people on my team. The right people to take the ball from me and continue carrying it, and implementing, and executing the process every day.

My guess is there’s something like that just for you. Maybe you’re really great at executing the processes of your company but you’re not so great at something else. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have this … you have the skill and this ability that’s unique to you, that you were essentially gifted with. And I have different sets of skills and together if you put the right people together with the right set of skills, pretty amazing things can happen inside your company. To me what Kolbe does is it tells me who I need on my team and who I need around me. If I have other team members running an area of the business or a division, who do they need around them? What people should work together? It tells me so much. It tells me … I don’t want to give it all away … it will tell you so much.

I totally buy into it, and again case in point, my whole family’s taken it. Everybody that works on our team has taken it. Many of the people, before I even hire them, I have them take it. We’ve spent three days in the last two years bringing Jason Kupp into our company to train our whole company. I totally buy into this. I think it’s a big deal, so I’d like to share that with you. Again, there’s no catch here. I mean, I’m just putting it out there since I’m doing it anyway. If you’d like to attend it, you can attend it for free and you can learn about something that I learned about back in 2007, but I didn’t totally understand it because nobody really explained it to me. Therefore, for a number of years it never was implemented in my business, and I never got any benefit from it. Until finally I had someone like Jason teach it to me and teach it to our company, and once I understood it I was able to utilize it to our benefit. It really is a valuable, valuable tool that I recommend all companies implement.

I hope you’ll attend the webinar. Apply to registration link down below. It will probably be, let’s say an hour and 15 minutes, and you’ll learn the details and the basics of Kolbe. Thanks.

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