Chance To Win: I Will Fly To You And Get Your Biggest Company Struggles Solved

Jonathan wants to help one lucky business owner get their biggest company struggles solved.

We’re running a contest. You have an opportunity to win. Here’s the deal. If you win I will fly to your company at my expense. I’ll spend an entire day with you and your team. We’ll work on anything you want to work on. For example, if you want to reinvent your business model, if you want to figure out what’s going on, what’s wrong inside the business, if you want to look for ways to really up the profit margin, if you’ve got operational issues you want some answers on, whatever it is, I’ll come and I’ll work with you on that.

We’ll put in a full work day. We’ll do some work. In fact you’ll have to answer some questions in advance so that I can prepare. I’ll want to know what you want to accomplish. We’ll spend that full day together and we’re going to accomplish a lot.

That evening I’ll take you and your spouse, or you and your leadership team, up to 4 people, out to an amazing dinner. We’ll find a place in your city that’s top notch, that’s got phenomenal reviews, and we’ll all go and we’ll have a fantastic time. All of it’s covered on my dime. Airfare, travel, the food, you will pay for nothing.

Here’s the deal. The way you can win is if you register to attend our Service Autopilot Conference before September 15th. Normally I wouldn’t even make this public on a channel like this where you’re probably not one of our Service Autopilot members. However, I thought it might make sense in this case because there’s a number of ways that attending the conference would benefit you. Not only would it benefit you obviously if you win the contest, but also benefit you to come.

Here are a couple examples. We run dual tracks at our conferences. That means you can spend the entire 2 days going down a track of learning all about Service Autopilot and how to use it. We’re covering all kinds of advanced stuff this time, around automations and forms and a whole lot of stuff.

You can run down the business track where you learn about leadership and managing your finances and really digging into making more money and dominating your market. In fact, this year the topic of the conference is leadership, leading your market and then leading within your company. Building a company that can dominate and, in my mind, become one of the top 3 players in your market.

If you’re not a Service Autopilot member you could come and get tremendous value out of it. I’d also like to put this idea in your mind. If you’re not a Service Autopilot member and you’re like, “I don’t know if these guys are really the real deal. I don’t know if these guys are really something I should be using or maybe I’m too small and there’s some really cheap free solutions out there. I could just use one of those solutions.” I’d really recommend you consider flying to Dallas, hang out with hundreds and hundreds of our members and see if we’re the real deal.

From having done this conference now several years, I know exactly how people feel about us. You’ll figure out if we’re just talk or if we’re the real deal. You’ll understand why we have thousands and thousands of companies and 15 plus thousand users of our system. Before you spend a dollar, if you’re on the fence with Service Autopilot, come to the conference and see what we’re about, and then you can make a buying decision.

While you’re here I’d recommend that you stick around and experience Dallas. There’s a lot to do in Dallas. There’s a lot of great food. There’s a lot of things to see. We’ve built an experience page right onto our conference page so you can find all the great stuff to do in Dallas. Come to Dallas, have a blast, have fun, bring a business partner, bring a spouse, turn it into some fun and at the same time figure out how to make yourself a whole lot of money by attending the conference and learning from our really smart speakers. On top of that, hopefully you’ll win the contest.

The way you find out about it is, right below this video I have a link,, and it’s the conference page. Click that link. It’ll take you to the conference page. You’ll see the agenda. You’ll learn about our conference. You’ll find out who’s speaking. You’ll get all the details. You’ve got to click the link below this video.

I hope to see you at the conference.

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