Recommendation: New Profit Roadmap Podcast

Hey, the software company that I co-founded, Service Autopilot just released a podcast. It’s called Profit Roadmap. It’s hosted by Bear and Cody, two fellows on our team. One in the marketing department, one fellow in the sales department. Both awesome guys.

I was just on one of the episodes. I’ll be on a bunch of the future episodes. We’ll also be interviewing other industry experts. We’ve already interviewed several. So if you’re interested in more from me, more from other individuals in the industry, I hope you’ll check out Profit Roadmap.

It’s on iTunes. It’s easy to track down. But I’ll post the link below here on YouTube. Check it out. I hope you enjoy it. And if you do, if you’ll please do me a favor, please give it a great review. Thanks a lot.

Listen to The Profit Roadmap Podcast on iTunes and Android.

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