How You Can Grow A Big Company – Mike Michalowicz

Click the link below to hear Mike Michalowicz interview Jonathan for his podcast Profit First.

Hey! I’d like to share an interview with you. Mike Michalowicz interviewed me for his podcast Profit First. If you don’t know who Mike is, he’s an author, entrepreneur, business guy. He’s a good guy, great guy. He has 4 books out. I’d recommend all of them. Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

I met him some time ago. In fact, he’ll be speaking at our Service Autopilot Conference this November and he interviewed me for his podcast. What we talked about is how to scale your company. How do you get out of the field? How do you get off the track? How do you grow your company to a place that you’re no longer the guy performing the work? How do you grow your company to a point where you have someone else running the company for you? You have a team running the company. What holds business owners back? What are some of the challenges? How do you get past them?

We talked about that on his podcast. Click the link below and they’ll direct you to the podcast. It’s on iTunes and all over. I embedded a link for you below this video. Listen to the podcast. I hope it will help you out. I hope it will give you some new ideas and if nothing else, I hope it will encourage you to keep fighting on, keep pressing on, and turn your company into something that will make you super happy and that you’ll be super proud of.

Go check out the interview. Thanks.

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