Let Tools, Systems And Knowledge Do The Work Of Growing Your Business – Joshua Latimer

Jonathan is interviewed by Joshua Latimer on Quick Talk about how to grow a successful business.

Listen to the interview now:  https://quicktalkpodcast.com/next-level-systems-with-jonathan-pototschnik/

Hey, good morning. It’s Saturday. I just got to the office and I’m about to do a bunch of work for a Service Autopilot Academy session coming up this Thursday, but I wanted to share something with you.

So, my question to you, has your business turned out to be more challenging to build than you thought? Is it more challenging to find clients than you thought it would be? Is it more challenging to find employees? Is it more challenging to organize everything and keep everything running? Is it more challenging to deal with all the challenges of growth and coordinating getting employees with getting work and then managing all those people? Have you felt a lot of challenge around that? Because I have.

In fact, I know everyone has. So, I did a podcast with a fellow by the name of Josh and I’d like to share that with you. He just posted it this morning, and in that podcast I talk a lot about the balance of building the company and the tools that you need and the systems you need. Frankly, you can massively simplify the amount of work that you’ll have to do to build the company and the amount of challenge you’ll have to go through, the amount of wasted money you will have to spend to figure things out if you use the right tools, if you implement the right systems, if you, frankly, get your brain thinking the right way. Mindset is a big part of this stuff. Are you learning what you need to learn? Are you thinking correctly? Are you thinking accurately?

I can tell you without question when I was a high school kid, though I had figured out a few things, I was generally clueless about many things. I didn’t know how to make money grow. I didn’t know how to build a big company. I didn’t know how to have hundreds of employees. I didn’t know how to get thousands and thousands of clients. I learned that stuff through reading and studying and getting to know other people. I talk about that a bit in the video.

At the end of the day, everything you’ll become, or I should say, I talk about this in the podcast, everything you’ll become is about what you choose to do or how you invest your time to grow your brain and what you know. It’s really that simple. We live our entire life in our head. So, if you have more wisdom and knowledge because of different experiences and because of studying and getting to know people and spending money to learn and networking, then you have a massive competitive advantage over everybody else. And frankly, your life will be easier.

Because of all of the hard work that I’ve done way back over the years of my career for many, many years, all the learning I’ve done, all the hard work, all the experiences, my life is vastly easier than it would be if I had not made that effort. If I was still on a mowing crew, or if I was working a construction job, or if I was doing any number of other activities that so many people do, my life would be vastly harder than it is today, in every area. But my life, though very busy, is relatively easy as compared to the majority of people in the country and in the world because of the choices I made early on to learn certain things, know certain people, have certain experiences, try certain things, and take certain risks.

We talk about that as well. There’s a whole lot of other things about this really challenging balance of these two critical components of your business and if you get them right, how everything just becomes easier and grows so much faster. So, I’d like to share this with you. I was interviewed for about 45 minutes. I hope you find it super valuable, and I will put the link down below and I’ll embed the link in this video.

Have a great day.


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