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I get asked all the time what do I read. So I’ve done a couple videos over time about some books that I recommend. I do read quite a bit. I’ve made a concerted effort to read a little bit less this year, focus on some great past books that I’ve read and really internalize and learn the information at a deeper level. What I find myself constantly getting distracted by is podcasts. So I’m going to show you a couple of the podcasts I like. Many of them are pretty big names already, so you probably know them but I get this question all the time. So here it goes.

So my absolute favorite podcast is the Tim Ferris Show. I just find this … I think he does a great job interviewing. He’s a name, so he can attract a lot of really interesting people. So this is the podcast I listen to, actually not the most often. But I listen to 90% of every episode that comes out. At the beginning of the year, I deleted all my podcasts from my phone and I was going to focus on just audiobooks and be very strategic. And then I got sucked back in and I added some podcasts back to my phone. So these are the podcasts that I added back in.

I didn’t add this podcast back in right here. But I added it just now because I wanted to tell you about it. So I’ll come back to that. Tim Ferris Show, my number one. The one that I never miss an episode of, my absolute favorite is Exponential Wisdom. This one I think about technology all the time. I think about the future. I love this conversation. I don’t know both of these people, but Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan. I think highly of both of them. I’ve learned a lot from both of them and they do this podcast together. So it’s a great podcast. Episodes are, I don’t know like one a month I think. So they don’t come out very often, but if an episode comes out, I will listen to every single episode.

Tim Ferris Show’s one of those is probably the next one I listen to 90%. I really like his stuff. I Love Marketing, I don’t listen to anymore, I deleted it from my phone. I’ve learned a lot from Joe Polish over the years. I went to a couple of his conferences back in like 2006, 2007, 2008. I’ve learned quite a bit from him. I got introduced to him through a guy named Dane Kennedy. And so he’s been super valuable. I’ve also been out to see the guy he co-hosts this with. I attended like a private event like where there are a few people in the room. So if you look up, I’m not going to go into all the details.

But Joe Polish cohosts this with Dean Jackson. I think highly of Dean Jackson. I’ve been out to see Dean Jackson. I’ve spent money with Dean Jackson. That was a long time ago but I’ve learned money from him. Wait that didn’t make sense. I’ve learned from him, but I spent money with him. These are two really sharp guys that you cannot go wrong listening to their advice. And so I would put this on your list. Frankly, I would start at the beginning. There’s a temptation to listen to only the new stuff. I’m not as interested in their new stuff as I was their original stuff. So go back and start at episode number one. If you’re interested in marketing, there’s a lot to learn.

Peter Attia because I’m super interested in health. I actually found out about Peter Attia through Tim Ferris. And I think Peter Attia’s a pretty interesting guy. I really like health, think about it all the time. So I find his podcast to be really good. It’s a fairly new podcast.

This conversation with Tyler’s kind of a new thing that I’ve added to my list. I don’t listen to all of them, I listen to some of them. Frankly, I’ve listened to lots of other podcasts over time that are really interesting and really high level. They’re not on this list anymore. Because I’m trying to simplify the amount of information I consume. This has got some really interesting topics in it. So again, to be frank, I don’t listen to all of them. I listen to quite a few.

Profit Roadmap, this is our Service Autopilot podcast that Bear and Cody put on, that I’m on from time to time. I listen to these of course, I have a very vested interest in listening to them. I care about Service Autopilot and where we’re going and how we’re helping our members. So that’s what that one’s about. And then I really like Joe Rogan. But I don’t listen to a lot of his stuff. Like for example, I listen to the Elon Musk one. And then I look into to see what else I listen to hear, Neil deGrasse, I’ve read a couple of his books. I listen to that. I listen to Henry Rowlings, Ted Nugent and Jordan Peterson. I’m very choosy on what I listen to.

And so you can see I don’t listen to most of them. But if it has anything that I think could be impactful from a business standpoint or if it’s talking about anything around future, science, religion, space. I’m attracted to all that stuff. And so I kind of jump around on these things. But I don’t tend to listen, I love MMA and UFC and all that. But I don’t listen to any of those. I like comedy stuff, although I don’t watch much comedy stuff. I appreciate it. I don’t listen to any of the comedy stuff. So I tend to focus on his podcasts more around the business stuff, but I think he’s fascinating and does a good job. So that’s the only stuff I’m listening to right now.

There are a couple tech podcasts that I listen to from time to time. If I’m researching something or trying to learn a subject, I’ll search on podcasts like around that topic like there wasn’t so long ago we were working on branding. So I did a bunch of searching on branding podcasts and I listened to episodes. You know there’s another guy. Dang, my brain like jumps around like a squirrel. This guy right here, Michael Hyatt. I think he’s got some good stuff. I only listened to a few of his things, but he’s got some good episodes. I like him. There’s a guy named Jocko. Yeah, here it is. This, if you care about leadership, discipline, working out, things like that. I think he’s got a really good podcast as well. You can search on that.

Those are the things that come to mind. I would be careful not to just consume tons of information for the sake of consuming it. Now there’s some value in learning lots of things because when you need that knowledge later, it’ll show up. But if you got a problem in your life like you’re trying to figure out how to grow your business, market your business, trying to be a better leader, you’re trying to figure out how to recruit. Go read books around that topic, podcasts around that topic, audiobooks around that topic. Become an expert on it and then figure out what the next problem in your life is and then go focus on that theme. I find it in my life. You probably find it in yours. There’s a temptation to just consume for the sake of entertainment and I think you have to be somewhat careful. I hope that’s of some value. That’s the stuff I’m listening to, thanks.

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