Why a Female Owned Lawn Care Business Is an Advantage

Does the fact that I am a female owning and operating as my own crew, does that discourage people when I advertise?

No way. Don’t let this bother you. It’s an advantage!

I’m going to make the assumption that you currently provide residential lawn care service.

I can tell you with certainty that the female of the household is most often influencing the buying decision. Most women are either looking for the new lawn care service provider or they are telling their husband to get it done.

Just because the husband makes the call — that doesn’t mean the lady of the house wasn’t the one that made it (finally) happen. She probably did the research and told him who to call.

This isn’t how it always happens but the statistic is well over 50%.

So. This is your competitive advantage. If I were you I would promote the fact that your business is female owned. This is very rare in the lawn business (especially the part about working in the field while you build your business).

All of your door hangers, your website, and your marketing material must have your personality in it. Make yourself the celebrity of the business and play it up.

Use this advantage to set yourself apart. Moving forward I would even look for ways to hire women to help you build, run and do the work of the business.

Most lawn care companies all look exactly the same to the consumer. They all say the same thing. You have an opportunity to get attention and look different than all the rest.

Who knows… there may be a few guys out there that wrongly assume your quality won’t be that of a male owned business. Who cares?!? They aren’t the customer you want. All you have to do is connect with a small percentage of the marketplace, treat them well, give them great service and good quality and they will be very loyal to you.

And they will talk about you to their friends!

I promise… if you think this is a negative you have to stop telling yourself that. This is an advantage.

7 Replies to “Why a Female Owned Lawn Care Business Is an Advantage”

  1. I have had my lawn care business for over 20 years. I am a woman who does it by myself. I am 54 now and still do businesses and homes. Only what I am able to do. I have 2 large businesses and 15 homes I do.

    1. Wow!! Thats amazing good for you. I really like the idea of starting a business and working for myself. I have always loved mowing the lawns as I enjoy being outdoors and it gives you a good work out. I am very interested in starting up a lawn mowing business but just a bit worried about how I would go. Being a woman and living in a town of about 8000 people. Im pretty sure I would be the only woman doing this here. They are all males or couples in business. Please I would love your advise on anything you can help me with.

    2. Hello Lisa,

      I am seriously interested in starting my own landscaping business in Texas. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m just starting out.

    3. I am thinking about starting a small business with just myself. I do not have knowledge in the field but will learn and grow at my own pace. I hope it works!!

  2. I own a Landscaping company for over 27 years. We dont do Lawns, but we install the actual Landscape. I get asked all the time by customers ” you do all this work?” It makes me laugh. I have run a Landscape company in Germany with over 15 Employees. I feel as a woman we have a better eye for designing Landscapes.

  3. I am a woman and thinking about starting a lawn care business. What all services do you provide? Is it profitable for you?

  4. I think that’s awesome! I am working to get my daughters in on some of the lawn work that currently only my son and I do. I am certain that when anyone involves women in what they are doing, business-wise, the success level will be multiplied!

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