My Top Time Management Tip

Learn from Jonathan’s experience and watch this video to hear his top time management tip that has helped him in life and in business.

Hey, good morning! Actually it’s morning for me, I’m not sure what time it is for you. I’m leaving for the office, and I’m going to give you my number one management tip, that for whatever reason, took me a while to figure out. After you’re done watching this, put your number one time management tip down in the bottom in the comments, so that others can see it. I’m also going to add my top three. I’m going to add two more of my top tips for what I’ve learned over the years for managing my time and being ultra productive.

I’ve been pretty good for a long time about eating a really healthy breakfast to start my day. I think if you’re trying to get in shape or be fit, then setting the tone for your day with a good breakfast helps. If you start out with a crappy meal, you’re more likely to eat a crappy meal for your second and third meal. I have been, for a long time, religious about eating a really health meal in the morning.

That’s not my number one tip. I would combine it with what I’m about to say. My number one tip is to start your day with some form of exercise before you do anything. Before you do email, before you get on the computer and do work. That’s the routine that works for me. I’ve been one that’s always fought a morning workout, because I feel like I get a harder, better workout in the afternoon or the evening, than in the morning. What I’ve learned, and I’ve been now doing this since January of this year, I’ve switched my routine to the morning.

I’m more consistent. Throughout the day, I feel better. I have more energy, and I just feel happier. Not that I’m generally an unhappy person, but I feel happier starting my day this way, versus waiting till the end of the day. Also, when I waited till night time, I noticed that … I’ve always fought trying to get to bed early. I’ve historically stayed up till 2 o’clock, or later, in the morning and worked late. In trying to change those routines, I’ve never been able to. I think partly because I’d work out at night. I’d say for about the first four months of this new routine of starting out in the morning, I had a hard time, because my body just wasn’t used to it. At this point, I look forward every day to starting my day with a workout.

I literally do it seven days a week. That might mean two or three days of the week I’m not lifting weights, or running, or something that’s heavy interval training, I might just be walking for 30 minutes to an hour listening to an audio book. At least seven days, or better said, seven days a week, I am doing something first thing in the morning every single day of the week. There’s of course, been exceptions, but for the most part I get some form of exercise every day. The reason I think it’s the most important time management tip is, it’s the foundation of everything. Your energy, how you feel, your optimism, your outlook, and so I want to start with the absolute best foundation possible. That’s a workout and eating really healthy.

That’s what works for me, and it sets the tone for everything else in my life. What works for you? What’s your number one? If you could only keep one behavior in your life, what is that number one thing? Put it in the comments so we can all learn from you. Thanks a lot.

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