Taking Care Of Your Team Is Smart Business

Watch this video to find out how taking care of your team helps your service business.

A question that I received recently is, “Have you found that offering perks to your employees helps to offset the low pay scale common to labor positions?”

Absolutely. What I have found is that the better you treat your team and the little things that you do for the team, though you might not always get a thank you for those things, they add up.

A lot of companies just aren’t that great to work for and they’re not that fun to work for, and their culture isn’t very good. It’s hard to create a culture out in the field, but you can do the little things for your team. You can surprise them with things. You can bring in food. You can arrange different activities.

There’s stuff you can do. Just simply treating people nice and with respect and not cussing at them and having empathy and understanding for the things they’re going through, and then helping them do extra things like find an apartment or get a checking account or whatever. There’s lots of little things you can do. If you just generally care about people, and you care about your team and the people that you hire that are part of your management, and if your core office team also care about others, then you’ll take good care of your people. That is how you keep people.

In my opinion, investing the extra money to surprise them with things … maybe not TVs and things like that, but food and snacks and maybe some surprise gifts or little bonuses, or a gift card, things of that sort, when they work really hard and they go over and above. Our weather’s been a nightmare and they do extra for the team or the company. You can think of a million different ways that you can just generally be of assistance and care about the team and help the team. That stuff adds up.

Then they refer you. Your team refers you and helps you find new employees. They stick around longer. They have a generally happier attitude out in the field. They’re more likely to smile at your clients. It just adds up.

In my opinion, yes. Every cent you spend to take better care of someone else, to take better care of your team and give them a better life, it’s a smart way to run your company.

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