How To Make More Money in Your Lawn Care Business

Trying to figure out how you can make more money in your lawn care or landscape business?

It’s actually relatively simple to make more money but requires a lot of work.  The size of your lawn care, landscape, or irrigation company, or whatever it is you own, no matter what industry you’re in, will be limited by how much you know or by how much the individuals on your team know. There’s no way around it. The only way to get yourself to a million,  five million, or ten million dollars and greater, is to know what you need to know to operate at that bigger level.

What do you need to know from an employee management, from a coaching/training, from a hiring, from a marketing, from a sales standpoint, and about implementing processes and procedures? What do you have to know to get yourself to all those levels?

You’ve got to learn a certain amount to get yourself to, let’s say … let’s make up some numbers … a million dollars. Then, at a million dollars you start to have a little bit of money so that you can go hire some expertise in areas that you don’t have knowledge. The beauty of growing a bigger business is now everything’s not on your shoulders. You don’t have to know everything. In fact, it’s impossible to know everything.

Now, you start hiring expertise in areas where you may not be interested in that topic. Maybe you don’t love marketing, so you go hire an expert in marketing. They bring a whole new set of knowledge to your business. Then, as you get a little bit bigger, you hire somebody that’s an expert in finance, and you bring them in. You don’t have to know all of these things.

What you probably have to be exceptional at is learning how to manage, direct, and grow your team, how to hire, how to get bottlenecks out of your team, out of their way. But, you don’t have to know all the topics.

In the early days, you have to learn and know and study enough to get yourself to a certain level so that you have enough money to go hire the expertise that you need. Then, you have to always be smart enough to know how to manage that expertise and to know when they’re shooting straight with you or when they’re leading you down the wrong road.

The way you do this is through seminars, coaching, mentor groups and mastermind groups, and networking with the big trade organizations. You read books and buy courses. Whatever it is, there’s a lot of knowledge and information out there. Whatever it is, you can go get it and obtain and buy it and meet the people that already have it, that have already been down those roads. You and I have to do that to get ourselves to a certain level to have the money to go get the next level of expertise, to hire that expertise.

That’s the very elementary basic road map to make more money in your lawn business. Your business size, your net worth, and your take-home pay will be determined by how much you know.

Get Your Landscape And Lawn Care Business Questions Answered

Get your landscape and lawn care business questions answered by Jonathan by posting them in the comment section below.

Over the years, I’ve been asked so many lawn care and landscape questions that it’s been near impossible to keep up. I like answering the questions, there’s just been too many. If you’ve asked me a question and I haven’t answered, I apologize. Please note, it’s nothing personal. I wasn’t intentionally ignoring you, there’s just an awful lot going on between Service Autopilot and Service Autopilot Academy and CitiTurf.

What I’ve decided is to try and experiment and see if I could keep up with some of the questions if they were posted as comments below this video. If you have a business question for me, please post it in the comments section below this video and again, it needs to be below this video and I will keep an eye on this video in the months to come. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to respond by text to your question. Or, if the question necessitates a longer video, then I’ll eventually record the video and that could take me a while but when I do record the video, I’ll reply to your comment and I’ll post the link to that video.

Now, to get me to answer, ideally, you’re going to leave me a short question and a concise question. Asking me how you should market your business is a question that’s just too difficult to answer without us getting on the phone. If you could ask me a question where I could answer yes or no, that would be awesome. That would make it easy for me to respond quick. If you’ve got two questions for me, please post those questions as two separate thoughts, meaning two separate comments. If you post a book of questions, it’s going to be difficult for me to answer, basically when I look at it it’s just going to feel a bit overwhelming and I’ll probably skip to the next question.

As you’re posting your question, if you want it answered, think about whether it’s something you would likely respond to, think about whether it is the simplest way and most clear way that you could ask that question and you’ll have the best chance of me responding to it.

Again, post as a comment below this video. I will periodically reply to the comments and hopefully I can get through a whole lot of questions this way. Look forward to hearing your question. Thanks a lot.

Lawn Care Millionaire Podcast

I’ve started the Lawn Care Millionaire Podcast and I hope you’ll go subscribe to it.

So, here’s what I’m doing. At this point, I have nearly 400 videos and I have been posting the videos to the YouTube channel as well as to What I’ve decided to do, I’m continuing with my goal of posting 2 to 3 videos every single week and because I have so many videos and the content varies, I have now created a podcast. What we’re doing is, every week we’re posting roughly about 3 videos as a podcast. I’m starting back near the beginning and all of the content is just as useful today as it was when I first recorded it.

What we’re doing is, we will continue to post new content on the blog and on YouTube. The old content, until we eventually catch up, is being posted as a podcast, many times a week. I’d encourage you to go out to iTunes and, I’m going to toggle over there to show you, all you have to do is search for Lawn Care Millionaire. You’ll find the podcast. Click on it and then click ‘subscribe’. If you’re using an iPhone, you can listen to this while you drive, listen to it while you work. If you happen to find a particular podcast useful, you’ll be able to listen to that on your phone or your device several times.

In addition to some of the videos that are out on YouTube and, I’m going to post some content here and there that’s not posted publicly. For example, some interviews that I’ve given, some public talks that I’ve given at conferences, I’ll be posting some of that periodically and you’ll be able to get that on the podcast.

Right now before you forget, run over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast and I hope you find it valuable.