Lawn Care Millionaire Podcast

I’ve started the Lawn Care Millionaire Podcast and I hope you’ll go subscribe to it.

So, here’s what I’m doing. At this point, I have nearly 400 videos and I have been posting the videos to the YouTube channel as well as to What I’ve decided to do, I’m continuing with my goal of posting 2 to 3 videos every single week and because I have so many videos and the content varies, I have now created a podcast. What we’re doing is, every week we’re posting roughly about 3 videos as a podcast. I’m starting back near the beginning and all of the content is just as useful today as it was when I first recorded it.

What we’re doing is, we will continue to post new content on the blog and on YouTube. The old content, until we eventually catch up, is being posted as a podcast, many times a week. I’d encourage you to go out to iTunes and, I’m going to toggle over there to show you, all you have to do is search for Lawn Care Millionaire. You’ll find the podcast. Click on it and then click ‘subscribe’. If you’re using an iPhone, you can listen to this while you drive, listen to it while you work. If you happen to find a particular podcast useful, you’ll be able to listen to that on your phone or your device several times.

In addition to some of the videos that are out on YouTube and, I’m going to post some content here and there that’s not posted publicly. For example, some interviews that I’ve given, some public talks that I’ve given at conferences, I’ll be posting some of that periodically and you’ll be able to get that on the podcast.

Right now before you forget, run over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast and I hope you find it valuable.

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