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Quick Summary of the Video

  • Marvin Salcido restarted his lawn care business in 2016 after leaving a multi-million dollar landscape company due to personal conflicts, leading to a challenging period.
  • He faced depression, almost lost his marriage, and took a significant pay cut by walking away, setting the goal to regain lost income and establish his brand within three years.
  • Despite the struggle, he embraced the difficulties, acknowledging that his past experiences, though challenging, shaped him into the person he is today.
  • Recognizing the importance of branding, a moment where he couldn’t identify his own truck on the road prompted him to repaint it lime green, aiming to stand out in a market filled with generic-looking contractors.
  • He later rebranded his business from “Saledo Lawn” to “Saledo Home Solutions” to broaden their services, emphasizing the significance of protecting the brand’s reputation and ensuring reliability by standing behind their work even if it meant losing money in some cases.

Transcript of Video

Marvin Salcido, the mind behind Salo Home Solutions, found himself at a crossroads in October 2016. After a stint with a multi-million dollar landscape company ended due to personal conflicts with his business partner, he made the tough decision to start anew. Little did he know, this marked the beginning of an arduous but transformative journey.

The early days were far from easy. Battling through the aftermath of a challenging 2016 – a year shadowed by depression and nearly losing his marriage – Marvin faced the daunting task of re-establishing his name in the market. Yet, armed with determination, he faced the challenge head-on, fully aware of the uphill climb that lay ahead.

“I remember sitting down with my wife,” Marvin recounts, “and telling her that the next three years would be tough.” The goal was clear: reclaim the lost income from his previous venture and become a household name in his area. It was an ambitious target, but within three years, Marvin achieved what he set out to do.

Reflecting on his journey, Marvin acknowledges the struggles as defining moments that shaped his character. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he muses, recognizing that his past experiences, however trying, forged the person he is today. He likens it to the transformative struggle of a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon, where the hardships served as necessary trials for his growth.

Understanding the power of branding, a pivotal moment struck him one day while driving past one of his trucks. He realized that if he couldn’t spot his own truck on the road, how would others notice his business? This epiphany led to a bold move – repainting the trucks a striking lime green, a color that would set them apart from the sea of generic contractor vehicles.

This dedication to standing out extended further when the company rebranded from “Saledo Lawn” to “Saledo Home Solutions.” This transition aimed not just for a name change but a broadening of their services. Marvin emphasizes the paramount importance of safeguarding their brand reputation. Even at the cost of losing money, he ensures that they stand behind their work, believing that a good name holds more value than riches.

Throughout his journey, Marvin learned the significance of advertising. “I didn’t think I could afford it,” he admits, “but now I know I can’t afford not to.” Investing over a quarter of a million dollars annually into advertising transformed his business trajectory, enabling exponential growth.

His advice to others echoes his own experience: “If people don’t know who you are, they’re never going to call you.” Marvin advocates for consistent exposure, recognizing that multiple touchpoints are essential for a potential customer to engage with a brand.

In conclusion, Marvin Salcido’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the belief that challenges, though formidable, are essential for personal and professional growth. His journey from adversity to triumph stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the significance of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

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