Money WON’T Solve Your Lawn Care Business Problems


What’s up? So I’m in Baja, Mexico with a whole bunch of friends and by the end of today, we’ll have gone over 600 miles. Right now we’ve got an issue, I actually don’t even know what it is. This is a perfect analogy of business, right here. Most of us, we panicked over our business and we think about all the crap that we’re gonna have to deal with in the future. We’re gonna have to hire people, we’re gonna have to do this thing. When I sell a lot of more work I’m gonna have to do all the billable work. I’m going to have answer all the phone calls, take all the problem calls. I’m gonna have to deal with all the payments and invoices. That stuff gets in our head and as a result, we don’t grow the business to the next level because we live in fear of what’s coming next.

How are we gonna do it, we project today’s problems onto our future us. We think ah it’s gonna be so big and so hard and so challenging, but the reality is exactly this example. Basically, we’re in a car, traveling through ridiculous conditions and I don’t have to deal with anything. I’ve got a team around me, I don’t have to know how to fix anything, I don’t have to know how to do any of this stuff. All I’ve gotta know is how to get to the end destination as fast as I can possibly go. Have to have the vision to get there, and then a team of really smart people in their area of expertise. They do all the other stuff, so all that junk if I was out here by myself that I’d project on this trip. I think this would be terrible, I’d travel in the middle of nowhere for 200 miles in a car because I can’t fix it. I would never let myself have that experience or ever do that thing in life because I’d be living in fear.

The reality is when you’re traveling the road with the right people, the right team members that have expertise in mechanics, expertise at marketing, expertise at accounting. You as a team can get to crazy places and you won’t limit yourself, so as you’re building your thing, your business, whatever it is that you want it’s all about the people. The people solve every single problem, every problem you’re scared of it’s solved some by dude, some gal that is often at their thing. Every day when they wake up they like doing that thing you don’t like doing, all you gotta do is find them. That’s the secret of business, all you gotta do is put together the right people. You don’t have to know all the other stuff, you don’t have to do all the other stuff, you just gotta put together the team, then you set the vision. You coach them, you show them where we’re going and every day you guys show up and work the plan together. That’s the game of business, it’s not as hard as we project on it.

See ya.

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