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How do I strategically put out my door hangers?


Start distributing them next season right about the first week weeds start to show and the grass is about to start growing / greening up.

There might be some early winter weeds – I’m not so much referring to them.

About the time it feels like the lawns are about to start growing and the weeds are about to take off.

You want to time your marketing to the moment all of the homeowners look out their window and realize “i’ve got to mow my lawn this weekend” or “i’ve got to find a new lawn company” or i’ve got to call my lawn guy”.

To early and results will be mediocre.

A few weeks too late and results will be mediocre.

With door hangers consider only putting them out on sunny days.  If the weather is bad don’t distribute them.  People don’t think about their lawn as much when its cloudy and over cast.  This is not a theory — our numbers prove that cloudy days result in significantly lower close rates.

Also, rather than putting out all of your door hangers at once — put them out 3 times.

All summer if you can afford it.

Response will peak during the spring and dwindle during the summer – but it might still be worth it.  You’ve got to test it in your area to know.

If I had 30,000 door hangers they would not go on 30,000 doors.  They would go on 10,000 doors 3 times.  About 10 to 15 days apart.

Where you distribute your door hangers matters.  I recommend neighborhoods full of homeowners that buy a lot of lawn care services and already have a lot of competitors.

And I don’t recommend neighborhoods with million dollar homes (not that they are bad – just not necessary).  You are looking for neighborhoods made up of families with two incomes and plenty of disposable income.

Where you put your door hangers (and mail your postcards) is your most important consideration.  The next most important consideration is when you distribute them.

After that — it is the message on the marketing piece.

And my favorite massive mistake of all — answer the phone or don’t bother spending a lot of money on marketing.  You can still get results but your results will be a fraction of what they could be if the phone was answered live every time.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see being made.

Lots of money spent on marketing so that your prospect can get a voice mail message when they call.

That’s not a great first impression.

Comment on this post if you have ideas I didn’t mention.  I will respond.

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