Is the H2B Visa Program Intentionally Being Destroyed?

I am a fan of the H2B Visa program.  For any company that needs a lot of workers and truly intends to use a 100% legal work force it is absolutely necessary.  However, based on both past and new legislation, regarding the program, I believe it is intentionally being destroyed.

If you participate in the program and are unaware… as of October 1st 2011 you must adjust the wages you pay H2B Visa workers.  You cannot wait until next year.

If your lawn care & landscape business utilizes the H2B Visa program I strongly encourage you to contact your H2B Visa lawyer to make certain you are on top of these changes and will be in compliance come October.

Also, you should seriously consider writing, calling and emailing your local Congressmen and the US Department of Labor.  We have done so.  I hope you will as well.

I suggest that you let them know that the current legislation will potentially render the H2B Visa program useless.  The program has reached the point of becoming too costly and too complicated.

Your Congressman must understand that the most recent changes to the program will increase your wages beyond what is reasonable.   This program, I believe, now forces employers to pay foreign workers more than U.S. workers.

How can that be right?  Hence, my belief the program is intentionally being slowly dismantled through legislation.

Let your Congressman know that you do not participate in the H2B Visa program because it is easy or saves you money – you participate because it is necessary in order for you to find the essential legal temporary workers you must have to operate your business.

In my opinion, available skilled labor continues to be one of the absolute biggest issues within the industry.  These legislative changes only worsen the problem.

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