Idea: Inexpensive Lawn Care Logo Design

Learn how to find a very affordable lawn care logo design company.

This video recommends a logo design company you might want to try that won’t cost your landscape business much money.


The question is, “I need a logo for my business, what is a cheap and inexpensive way to get a logo?”

I suggest 99designs.  I have the website up, it’s just  It’s a pretty cool concept, you can use this service for more than just logo design.

I’m not saying don’t use or consider a more expensive designer.  I’m simply saying this is a great inexpensive logo design option for your company.

Especially, if you’re wanting to keep your cost down.  On their website click on the how it works link and read about it.  Basically, the gist is, you submit the design speck for what you want.  A bunch of designers compete by producing a design, you then give  feedback, they can rework that design and resubmit.

You pick the winner and you pay only the winner.

It’s cool deal.  Likewise, it’s cheap enough that if you don’t like any of the designs, oh well, you do it again or you go to a designer in your local market.  Logo design can get pricey and so you might try this first.  If you want a professional inexpensive logo custom designed for your business… try

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