Hire The Right People To Transform Your Business

Now is the time to take a look at your business and figure out how to hire the right people to elevate your company to the next level.

If you’re running a little bit bigger organization, I think the question you want to be thinking about right now is, “Who could we hire next year, or by the end of this year that would be business changing in the next calendar year? This person’s going to cost some money, but if we could find this person and they could bring an entirely new set of knowledge, experience, understanding to our business, take a ton of stuff off my shoulders, take a ton of stuff off some of my really talented team members so that they could move onto other things and this person could show us new ways to do things that we’re doing now, possibly incorrectly or not as efficiently or optimally as possible. What might that do for our business?”

This could be a salesperson, a sales and marketing person. It could be an operational person. But I believe that when you bring the right experienced, been there done it before people onto the team, that’s how you get acceleration. That’s how you get speed.

It takes a while to get there because you’ve got to grow the business big enough to be able to afford this individual and then the faster you grow the company, the more of these individuals you can afford. Sometimes they take the form of a veteran that’s been in the industry 25 years and has seen it and done it. Sometimes they take the form of a 27 year old guy or gal that’s hungry, like they’re smart, they’re savvy, they’ve just got it and they’re hungry and they’re willing to work and they’re willing to learn and they’re willing to figure things out and they’re willing to question things and say, “Hey, why does the industry do it this way? Maybe we should look at solving this problem or move in this direction based on what others are doing in other industries versus what our industry’s doing.”

There are 2 types of individuals. It’s not always just the super tenured, 25 year veteran. Sometimes it’s the young guy that’s been around the block just a little bit, but boy he has some passion to go make something happen. That person isn’t necessarily cheap. Age doesn’t have anything to do with value or cost. Who is it that you could bring onto your team that would be business changing and where do they exist? What do they look like? How will you afford them? How do you start finding them right now so that they can be on your team and trained in your system, in your internal culture, by the time you need them to really jump up to speed, probably for the spring rush?

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