Grow Your Business Faster By Prioritizing Projects On ROI

If you want to grow your business and get yourself out of the field, watch this video to learn how to prioritize projects to increase the efficiency of your company.

Hey, this month in ServiceAutopilot Academy, we have focused heavily on time management. When I say time management, I am talking about the management of your time, but I’m also talking about the management of the time of your organization and of your team that operates within your organization.

As an example, if you want to grow your company quickly, it’s really important that you’re working on the most important projects that move the company forward the quickest. I think one of the simplest ways to do that is to figure out all that you need to get done from a project standpoint. Marketing projects, operational projects, identifying your standard operating procedures, fixing operational problems, improving inefficiencies in the company. All of those activities that I just identified form a project and each of those projects has a value that it will return to your company in the form of additional savings or new revenue.

I believe what you want to do is you want to take all of your projects that you need to get done as an organization, you want to prioritize them and you want to work on the ones that will make you or save you the most money first. Then once you get those done or that example project that you identified that’ll make you the most money, then you move on to the next one. The idea is that if you work on the ones of greatest value first, they’ll return to you more money and with that money you can then go hire other people to join your organization that can then help you work on the projects.

Whereas if you start with a low value project, one that doesn’t return a whole lot of savings or money to your company but it’s easy, it doesn’t cause you a lot of trouble and pain and work, it’s going to return a small amount of money to you and as a result you don’t really have much new money to go hire somebody to help you.

If you want to go from a little company to a bigger company, or if you want to go from a medium sized company to a really big one, it’s really important that you’re working on the right projects in the right order and at the right time so that as you make and save more money, you can reinvest that money into your company to hire more people to help you do those projects and get the stress and the frustration and all the heavy lifting off of your shoulders. The whole entire point of business is to build something that in a sense is an investment. It’s an asset for you that generates money for you but doesn’t require you to do all of the work.

The way you get there is you work on exactly the right projects that move the company forward so that you can bring more and more people onto the team to help you move the company forward faster and faster and then before you know it, most of the heavy lifting, most of the problems, most of the stress, most of the frustration is not just on you, it’s shared across a team, and it’s a team made up of a bunch of really smart people that know how to solve different things and know how to move the company forward.

One day you wake up and you realize that wow, you’ve got tons of projects going on within your organization but they’re all being handled by different people without you even realizing that they’re being handled. you weren’t even involved and problems are getting solved. The only way you get to that point is to start in the very beginning by prioritizing exactly what needs to be done, again, in terms of how much will it return to your company in the form of money, savings or new revenue, and then working those projects one at a time in order. It just gets faster and faster over the years. In other words, you get more and more projects done faster as your organization grows and progresses.

Focus on that concept and it’ll have a huge impact on getting you one, out of the field or out of the position you’re in right now, and two into a position of acting like a real CEO of your company.

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