You Know How To Fix Your Business Problems

To fix your business problems, Jonathan suggests you look at the things that consume your thoughts and go from there.

Hey! I’m constantly asked questions as you know, and I’m constantly answering questions. One of the questions I like to ask when I’m trying to help someone figure something out is, when you go to bed at night what is the one thing that you are thinking about that’s driving you crazy, that’s keeping you up, it’s stressing you out, that’s making you feel really tense and you just don’t want to go to sleep or you can’t go to sleep? Then, in the morning when you wake up what’s the very first thing that comes to mind? What’s that first thought, what’s that thing you think about and you’re like, Ah, I don’t really want to get out of bed, I don’t want to deal with this, I don’t want do it? Who is that person, what is that thing, what is that problem?

That’s probably the most important thing that you need to fix inside your business. It’s probably the most important thing that you need to change. What happens is, I often feel like I’m asked questions about, how do we fix this, what should we do here, how can I make improvements? Sometimes, not always, but sometimes the individual asking the question is really hoping that I’m going to give them an alternative to what they already know they need to do. Then on top of that, sometimes we all just need to be asked questions so that we have to hear ourselves say out loud what the problem is that we already knew. It’s like, I know, I know I need to do that but for whatever reason we’ve been ignoring it, putting it off, hoping it will go away.

My question to you is, what’s keeping you up at night? What’s the first thing in the morning that you think of? What can you go do to fix that? You don’t need to ask me, what do I need to fix or what should I change or what’s wrong with my business, until you’ve first done that. You know what to do. Go get rid of that employee that’s driving you crazy. Go fix that hole in your business where you’re losing money. Go cut out that expense, go have that conversation with a business partner, go have that conversation with your wife. Deal with whatever that thing is that’s eating your energy and driving you crazy. Get it done and then you can move onto the next problem.

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