One Reply to “Custom Truck Beds Drive Down NonBillable Time”

  1. Do you pick up lawn clippings with the crews that drive these trucks? If so where do you store them?
    I have been following you on YOUTUBE and can say I’m impressed. I have a similar history as you up until your lawn care company took off.(LOL) I had a successful career in home improvement sales for 15 years. Made 150k strait commission every year. Life always changes and found myself starting a landscape company last winter. I made just about every mistake and had probably 40k in total gross sales. I don’t want to give up on this and watching your YOUTUBE videos and reading your website has helped me a lot especially the last couple of weeks. I am going to give this another try this season with a better game plan, especially in marketing. If you get this and want to respond I would appreciate any help you could offer. I know you have a pay service and just like everyone else I’m saying “I probably cant afford it”. If you want to pitch it to me feel free. You never know!


    Ian Zmud
    Bayscape Ladscape & Design
    Weymouth MA 02191

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