Build Your Dream Business

Do you want to know how to build your dream business? Jonathan gives you the number one thing you need to do here…

I’ve got a thought for you to think over as you’re working through the week. I heard a quote a while back that I noted, I thought it was a great one. It’s basically, “My definition of success-” This is from a successful person. “My definition of success is when you can’t distinguish the line between work and your personal life.”

I realize that that sounds really optimistic. Maybe in what you’re doing right now and what you’re struggling with, what you’re struggling with or in the process of building your company you’re thinking, “How could that ever possibly be the case?”

What I’d like to suggest that you might consider as your long term goal and as something that many, many, many, many, many people ahead of you have created in their lives and their world is that you can reach a point where in your business you’ve hired teams around you that do heavy lifting in the areas that you’re not uniquely skilled or in the areas that you don’t find energy or get energy from doing that task. For example, if you don’t love accounting you’ve built a team around you to handle accounting. If you don’t like managing the sales team, you build a sales leader around you. If you’re not great at marketing you have a marketing team. I realize that if you’re small and just getting started this sounds near impossible or is hard to imagine but it is reality for many.

The best entrepreneurs and the best business builders, what they’re doing over the course of years and years and years is they’re figuring out, “What am I best at? What do I love doing? What do I get energy from? What would I do even if I had $50 million dollars in the bank because after all, I would get bored eventually traveling the world. What would I do?”

They figure out that thing that they are gifted at, that they enjoy doing and they build teams around them to take care of everything else. Their sole job becomes one of doing what they’re best at. When you’re doing what you’re best at, you enjoy it and you study it. You learn it and then you get energy from it. The idea of retiring or selling your thing or cashing out and walking away slowly fades away because now you’ve got money and you get to do exactly what you want to do.

Ponder that thought, that’s the ultimate goal in my opinion and it’s 100% achievable.

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