Best Way To Get Great Lawn Care Clients In Very Nice Neighborhoods


The question is what is the best way to get great lawn care clients in very nice neighborhoods?

I’m going to give you the very best way to reach affluent clients in wealthy neighborhoods by telling you what has worked well for us.

We’re talking about people that can afford to buy your lawn care services. Predominantly in these neighborhoods, it’s not every 5th house using a lawn care company, it’s the majority that uses a lawn care company. What we’ve done is produce a newsletter. This may be more work than you were looking for, but it’s the best way.

We produced a 4 page newsletter that did not talk very much about lawn care. It was, say a March newsletter that included things that happened in March historically, articles about health, and different things of that sort. It also had 2 or 3 specific articles … short little blurbs about lawn care that we wrote. We included some testimonials from our clients and had a list on the back page of all the services that were coming due for that particular month. We also called out a specific client with a thank you for being with us for several years. It was unique.

It took some time to construct but, you can purchase newsletter templates from other companies. Don’t buy anything too fancy. You want this to look like it was produced by you at your office. I wouldn’t do all color. Use one color. Make it look nice, but make it look real.

The best templates are not full of lawn care information. Nobody wants to read about lawn care information…how trees are trimmed…how you mow a lawn. What they care about is gossip, politics and current events. They want to read about things you see in Vogue, People, and Men’s Fitness.

Give them that stuff and intertwine it with a few articles about lawn care.

We printed the newsletter on a large sheet of paper. Once folded in half, it formed a full sheet of paper…8 1/2 x 11. Then we folded it one more time. It was the equivalent of 4 pages but, it was just the way it was folded. It wasn’t cut or bound and it wasn’t too terribly expensive to produce.

It had a high open rate because it was unique. What’s this newsletter thing? They open it up. Inside of the newsletter I wrote a 3 page sales letter allowing clients to test drive our lawn care service for 3 weeks…for free. Pretty bold offer. We would mow their lawn for 3 weeks to prove to them that we’re better than who they have now.

Remember, we are talking about affluent neighborhoods with clients that were probably not going to cancel their lawn care service just to get 3 free weeks of mowing. They weren’t going to go to all that trouble. 3 weeks of free mowing was a non-issue to them. But, it was a hook. It was a way to get in there and do something that other lawn care companies don’t do.

These people are bombarded with marketing. They’re busy and you need to catch their attention. Just sending them a postcard may work, but you’ve got a much better success rate by doing something out of the ordinary with your approach, your appearance and your guarantees. You have got to stand out.

If you try it in the wrong neighborhood, you could get burned. But, it was very successful for us.

That’s the most successful thing that we’ve done. That got us in the neighborhoods and then from there we did our street marketing to grow out the neighborhood.

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  1. This is,in my opinion,one of the best residential marketng strategies out there today.Even in todays on line marketing world,people are still drawn toward the printed word that an interesting newsletter gives them.Great advice! Implementing a decent monthly newsletter is now one of my top priorities in building a marketing campaign for my new business.

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