Are You Focused on What is Most Important


Hey, it’s been a little while since I’ve done a Lawn Care Millionaire video. It’s January and my guess is that you spent the holidays and the end of the year thinking about all the ways that you’re going to make your year better this year from a business standpoint. How you’re going to grow with sales? What problems are you going to fix? Where are you going to look to find employees? Then you’ve been thinking about all this stuff that as an owner or an individual within the company, how are you going to be better? What are you going to do different? What are the priorities? I’m going to guess that’s what you’ve been doing. That’s what I’ve done. That’s what most people do. You came up with this list of all these really important things you’ve got to do, and it’s the 12th, and my question is, how many of those things have you absolutely put your head down and focused on?

Versus, one distraction after another, one thing after another coming up over the weekend, one thing after another in the evenings after work. How many things have you been distracted by? How many little fires have taken away from working on the things that will move the company forward the fastest? That is an unbelievably big challenge and I think for many of us that are entrepreneurs, it’s like one of the hardest things. My ask is that you go back to your list and you think, “What are the things that will have the absolute biggest impact on this calendar year?” The most important things that I could possibly be working on and you work on those things every single day. Almost everything else that’s coming in is noise and as best you can, you block it out. Maybe what that means is every day you get up and for the first one hour, two hours, three hours of your day, you work like a dog on only those activities.

You don’t check your email. You don’t look at your text messages. You only work on your number one most important thing. Think about this as well. You’ve got this list and let’s just get your list down to what are the three things, if you could only accomplish three big things this year, if you were to look back at the end of the year and be like, “Man, I got those three things done. Not only did I get them done, they’re implemented, and they’re working,” and these are … If those three things … What are those three things that would have the biggest impact on this year, okay? Then you take the one that has the single biggest impact and you also consider when they need to be done throughout the calendar year, whichever one needs to get done soonest and has the biggest impact, you do that now. Every day, that’s the only one you work on. You don’t work on the other two. You work on that one thing.

Every day you give time to it. Every Saturday you work on it. Every evening after your family goes to bed, you work on it and you knock this thing out. You get it done. Then if there are team members that can help you, if it’s truly the most important thing, if it’s company changing, business changes, changes in your life kind of thing, you get your team aligned on this one thing. You work on that and then when it’s done, you move onto number two. If you’re anything like me, tomorrow or later today you’re going to get a text message, and you’re going to get an email, and then somebody’s going to tell you about a client that’s not thrilled right now, and then you’re going to hear about this other cool opportunity at [Red & Ink 00:02:53] Magazine, or you’re listening to a podcast in the truck on the way home that gave you another new idea that’s now the new most important thing that you should be doing.

You can’t do any of that junk. You got to say, “You decided in December these are the most important things.” Okay, you made that decision. Now you got to go work those things. Later, you can get distracted by a podcast, and an email, and a text message, and a fire, but not right now. Because if you don’t do it the way I’m describing, this year will be pretty much like last year. Next year will be pretty much like the last two years. I guarantee it. That’s the entrepreneurial problem. That’s the problem that most of us, and the way we’re wired, and the way our brains work, that’s the problem most of us have.

The winners are the ones that say, “This is what’s most important. I’m going to work them one at a time until they’re done and I’m going to work like a dog. I’m not going to work four hours a week. I’m going to work like a dog. I’m going to knock these things out. I’m going to work in the morning. I’m going to work in the evening. I’m going to work on Saturdays, but when I get them done, they’re life changing.” They transform companies. Those are the guys that build big companies. I’d encourage you to do that. That’s what I’m doing. Good luck.

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