Anyone Else Want to Visit My Company and Get My Help To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

If you would like to be on the waiting listwhich will give you first right of refusal – next time I offer this opportunity, please call and let Ashley know…  972-728-4040.



I’ve invited two (primarily) residential maintenance companies to Dallas for a very unique opportunity to work on taking their business to the next level.

While in town, we are going to tour my company and take a look at exactly how it runs.

I am inviting four companies.  I already have two committed.  I’m looking for two more and if this is a fit for you – I’d like to invite you.

This is urgent… if you have any interest please be the first to contact me before the two spots are taken.

You can call my office at 972-728-4040 (ask for Ashley)
Dates are somewhat flexible for the next few days.  I’m most concerned with putting together the right group of four companies.

The tentative dates are August 17th, 18th and 19th.  Or August 24th, 25th and 26th.

If you haven’t watched the video above – you should.

We are going to work on your business…

1) fix what is wrong and not working
2) give you a roadmap and the tools to take it to the next level
3) clarify exactly what your action steps need to be to get you there fast

This is for companies that are primarily residential maintenance.  Each of the four companies must be serving different markets (no competitors).

We will get together for 2 full days at my office… and I mean FULL days (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a working lunch each day).

You will fly into Dallas (DFW airport) on a Thursday evening.  We will meet at my Service Autopilot office all day Friday and Saturday.

Friday night we will do something fun.  (I will pick up the tab)

Sunday morning we will tour my lawn care company.

I will show you anything you want to see and answer all of your questions.

We are going to fix your business and give you a plan of action to execute.

You will get ½ a day to focus on your business exclusively.

BUT.  Because the other 3 companies are going to have the exact same challenges and needs as you – when they are on the hot seat and we are fixing their business you will get a hundred ideas and action steps you can apply to your own business.

DO NOT under estimate the value of being in the room while we are working on the other three companies just like yours.

Six weeks later, you and I will have a 1-on-1 private phone consultation to follow-up on what you’ve done and the new challenges you’ve encountered implementing the plan.
You have to be a fit — if I don’t think I can massively help you — I will tell you.

1) You must be focused on primarily residential maintenance.
2) You must be willing to work… not B.S.  We are going to make progress.
3) You cannot be working in the field full time.
4) You must commit to fully implement what I tell you to do.  There are only four spots and you will be wasting both your time and mine if you do not do exactly what I suggest.
5) You must be willing to set your pride aside and be honest about your company problems, fears and frustrations.
6) If $2970 is going to bankrupt your business, destroy your marriage or put you in debt you can’t afford – don’t attend.
7) If you have a negative attitude or generally complain about your life and the world – we won’t be a fit.
8) You will be prepared – with questions ready – you will be able to clearly articulate what your think your problems are.
9) You will have made arrangements to ensure you will not be taking phone calls, fighting fires, dealing with emergencies, or coordinating crews while here.  I want you to make significant break-throughs – so I don’t want you to be distracted.


You’ll blow $2970 messing up one mailer, hiring one bad employee, botching one small door hanger run, not doing any one of the things I will advise you to start doing, etc.  I could go on.

You will get a 10x return on your investment… if not 100x or more.

This is ridiculously inexpensive.  I’ve blown more than $2970 on one marketing mailer mailed at the wrong time.

Image how much money I can save you short-cutting the process of building your business.

I’ve traveled the road you’re approaching… what can I answer that will save or make you a ton of money?

What are you scared of?  I can help.

Want to take home a 6-figure pay check on a $600,000 to 1mm $ per year business?  I know exactly how to do it.

Ever wondered what the best strategy is?

Ever wondered where most of the money is in the industry?

Ever wondered what you should be focused on to make the maximum profit over the next 5 years.  I’ll tell you.

Once you reach 1mm per year what should you be focused on to ensure you dominate your market and maximize your pay check… I know… I’ll show you.

Ever had a family member, relative, friend, acquaintance scoff when they heard you are in the lawn business?  Ever felt that everyone thinks the lawn business is not a real business?  I’ll show you how to make everyone that knows you wish they were in the business.  They will all call you lucky.

I realize everything I just said sounds like marketing hype.  If you don’t believe it’s all possible – this isn’t for you.

I don’t have the time to convince you otherwise.

Contact me if you think this is a fit.  First come first serve.

You can call my office at 972-728-4040 (ask for Ashley)


If after the first day you’re not convinced I can deliver to you massive value – that this experience will change your business – you can return home the night of the first day and I will refund 100% of your money.

Travel Details:

You will fly into Dallas.  DFW airport is generally the best airport to fly into.  You can check rates on  I generally fly American Airlines.

There are plenty of $50/night hotels.  And plenty in the $125/night range.

My office is a 45 minute drive from the airport.  I recommend renting a car.  Car rental is at the airport… it’s easy.

You can bring a business partner (or spouse).

Don’t plan anything Friday night; however, Saturday night there is a lot to do in Dallas.  If you stay over Saturday night to tour my company on Sunday I can give you a lot of Saturday night entertainment ideas.

6 Replies to “Anyone Else Want to Visit My Company and Get My Help To Take Your Business To The Next Level?”

  1. Hello Jonathan and thanks for the opportunity. I began following your site last winter. We’ve corresponded some, and your advise has helped me very much. As i said before, I’m grateful to have a visionary in the lawn care industry available to learn from, especially for your free advice.
    I love the opportunity you have put before us. I am very close to being out of the field, and getting closer and closer to the 250k mark. Had it not been for the drought here in Utah last year, I’m confident we wouldhit that mark this year.
    Please keep on your list for the training in Dallas in the future, and thanks again for sharing your knowledge.


    Dave Armstrong

    1. This is Tanner. I went to the meeting and it was worth every penny. Information was key in helping us increase our sales by over $60k the first year we implemented these strategies.

  2. if you would be doing this for smaller companies. i would sign up.
    i am at 50k. i started last summer. i am based out of greenwich ct

  3. I’m interested but I don’t meet the requirements. I would like to get to that 250,000 level and beyond. If you ever have something for the small guy count me in!


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