One Reply to “Am I Crazy To Require My Lawn Care Clients Pay By Credit Card?”

  1. Ive just watched about a dozen of your videos and am in awe with all the info you share. Thanks,, I’m thinking about adding a lawn care segment to my business. I’ve been in the green industry for over 13 years (selling color and other plants to mainly retailers and landscapers in a seven state area).

    I sold almost 4 million a year pretty much by myself before the economy went south and I dealt with cancer. I’m 51 now, cancer free for 3 years and wanting to adjust my business. I’ve learned a lot looking at your videos and will be back to learn more. If I can help you with color, plants, etc. let me know. I know being in Dallas, you have to put the right plants in the right places.

    Anyway, I’ll send you more emails as I view your site. I live in the KC area, so my market is very similar to Dallas.


    Bart Maffry

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