How Can I Learn About Irrigation and Irrigation Systems?

How Can I Learn About Irrigation and Irrigation Systems?

The fastest way to learn the irrigation business is to locate the vendors in your local area – the guys that sell the parts. They can tell you where to get licensed. They can teach you a lot. Many of them run workshops and classes. There is a lot to learn about pipe sizes, flow rates, pressure, heads and the different controllers… they can advise you all of this and guide you on how to best learn it.

Remember… they want to sell you parts. Go visit them in person. Don’t just call them up and ask questions. Go see them. You will get more attention and respect from them in person than you will over the phone.

The state will require you to get licensed. So they provide books and manuals to prepare. This too will teach you a lot. My experience has been that you must also attend classes prior to taking your irrigators test. You will learn a lot in these classes.

Also, Google search irrigation magazines. Subscribe to every magazine you can find on the subject and start reading them. For example, look at

There is also information that can be learned on forums such as Remember, forum advice isn’t always accurate but it can be very helpful.

Amazon probably has books on the subject. Search on something like… irrigation installation.

To learn about licensing in your state search on something like… irrigation license ‘yourstate’.

The vendors that sell the parts will be your very best initial source… they will be able to lead you to all of your other sources. If you don’t already have a business, consider working under someone for a short while and learning. Hands on training is the best way to learn the irrigation business.