What Factors Go Into Determining Your Lawn Care Crew Size?

How do you know what the optimal lawn care crew size is? In this video, Jonathan gives you some factors to consider whether you are just starting out or simply trying to become more efficient.

What factors go into determining the best lawn care crew size for your company?

I believe it’s really important to know that as your company changes, your crew size will change. A company that’s just getting started that has 1 crew and grows to 2 to 4 crews will change just as a company that has 10 crews and grows to 20 to 40 crews.

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How Important is Crew Size?

How important is having the right crew size to running a successful operation?

It’s one of the core elements. We are in the business of selling time. Our number one line item on our profit and loss statements is labor. Labor, it’s either efficient or inefficient. One of the big factors in determining if it’s efficient or inefficient is the size of the crew. There are a number of different factors that go into a crew, but the crew size directly affects how productive we are. It affects how efficient we are and if we’re achieving our target man hour rate.

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How To Price Lawn Mowing Jobs When You Don’t Know How

“I’m new to the industry. How do I learn to price lawn mowing jobs so that I can win bids and be profitable?”

Pricing is really difficult. When I got started in the business I didn’t have the faintest idea how to price commercial or residential. I was clueless. I remember the challenge and the difficulty. I remember struggling to figure it out.

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Are You Using the Right Lawn Care Equipment?

This video explains why using the right lawn care equipment can maximize your potential and bring in more profit.

This morning as you think about your business, are you putting the right equipment on the right properties? When you bid the job, are you bidding it taking into account the right production costs because you’re using the correct equipment? Are you selling work that’s bigger than you should be doing right now because you don’t have the appropriate equipment?

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How To Get The Toys Without Selling Your Landscape Company

Learn how selling your landscape company may not be the best way to create wealth and provide you the freedom you are dreaming of.

There is so much talk about people wanting to sell their company, or the dream they have to sell their company some day. It’s sort of the American dream to build your company, sell it, have all this money, retire, whatever. My argument is, and you’ve heard it before, why is that necessary?

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Alternative Way To Think About Asking For Business Advice

Are you looking to bend the ear of a successful business owner? Here is a different approach to asking for business advice.

I was listening to a podcast some time ago and I made a note to record a video that I thought would be interesting. The podcast is by Tim Ferriss. It’s for sure my favorite podcast out there. His shows are excellent. He brings on great guests and he was talking to somebody, and I’m paraphrasing, because it is now a couple of months ago when I heard this.

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Hire The Right People To Transform Your Business

Now is the time to take a look at your business and figure out how to hire the right people to elevate your company to the next level.

If you’re running a little bit bigger organization, I think the question you want to be thinking about right now is, “Who could we hire next year, or by the end of this year that would be business changing in the next calendar year? This person’s going to cost some money, but if we could find this person and they could bring an entirely new set of knowledge, experience, understanding to our business, take a ton of stuff off my shoulders, take a ton of stuff off some of my really talented team members so that they could move onto other things and this person could show us new ways to do things that we’re doing now, possibly incorrectly or not as efficiently or optimally as possible. What might that do for our business?”

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Are Business Myths Holding You Back?

Don’t get in your own way! Debunk the business myths holding you back and free yourself up for unlimited success.

There’s a question I try to remember to ask myself from time to time and I don’t do it often enough and that is, “What do you believe that’s not true?” I think that’s a fantastic question for both business and life. What is it that you believe that is not true? Let’s just apply it strictly to business. If you ask yourself this question about different parts of your business, or if you ask yourself this question about things you’re complaining about, or you ask yourself this question about things you don’t think are possible, it might break down some barriers in that it will make you think differently. I think that’s what it does for me, but again, I don’t ask myself it enough.

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Wait On Buying Lawn Care Equipment

When do you recommend buying lawn care equipment for your company?

I generally recommend that you wait until the very last minute to buy new equipment. That allows you to keep the money in the bank until the last minute. There’s a number of reasons behind that. If I need a big piece of equipment, I could buy that a week before I need it or a couple of days before I need it. So many companies and so many owners get excited by a new piece of equipment so they buy it months in advance. Generally, this is not a good idea for a whole number of different reasons.

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My Top Time Management Tip

Learn from Jonathan’s experience and watch this video to hear his top time management tip that has helped him in life and in business.

Hey, good morning! Actually it’s morning for me, I’m not sure what time it is for you. I’m leaving for the office, and I’m going to give you my number one management tip, that for whatever reason, took me a while to figure out. After you’re done watching this, put your number one time management tip down in the bottom in the comments, so that others can see it. I’m also going to add my top three. I’m going to add two more of my top tips for what I’ve learned over the years for managing my time and being ultra productive.

I’ve been pretty good for a long time about eating a really healthy breakfast to start my day. I think if you’re trying to get in shape or be fit, then setting the tone for your day with a good breakfast helps. If you start out with a crappy meal, you’re more likely to eat a crappy meal for your second and third meal. I have been, for a long time, religious about eating a really health meal in the morning.

That’s not my number one tip. I would combine it with what I’m about to say. My number one tip is to start your day with some form of exercise before you do anything. Before you do email, before you get on the computer and do work. That’s the routine that works for me. I’ve been one that’s always fought a morning workout, because I feel like I get a harder, better workout in the afternoon or the evening, than in the morning. What I’ve learned, and I’ve been now doing this since January of this year, I’ve switched my routine to the morning.

I’m more consistent. Throughout the day, I feel better. I have more energy, and I just feel happier. Not that I’m generally an unhappy person, but I feel happier starting my day this way, versus waiting till the end of the day. Also, when I waited till night time, I noticed that … I’ve always fought trying to get to bed early. I’ve historically stayed up till 2 o’clock, or later, in the morning and worked late. In trying to change those routines, I’ve never been able to. I think partly because I’d work out at night. I’d say for about the first four months of this new routine of starting out in the morning, I had a hard time, because my body just wasn’t used to it. At this point, I look forward every day to starting my day with a workout.

I literally do it seven days a week. That might mean two or three days of the week I’m not lifting weights, or running, or something that’s heavy interval training, I might just be walking for 30 minutes to an hour listening to an audio book. At least seven days, or better said, seven days a week, I am doing something first thing in the morning every single day of the week. There’s of course, been exceptions, but for the most part I get some form of exercise every day. The reason I think it’s the most important time management tip is, it’s the foundation of everything. Your energy, how you feel, your optimism, your outlook, and so I want to start with the absolute best foundation possible. That’s a workout and eating really healthy.

That’s what works for me, and it sets the tone for everything else in my life. What works for you? What’s your number one? If you could only keep one behavior in your life, what is that number one thing? Put it in the comments so we can all learn from you. Thanks a lot.