What is the Best Landscape Software?

 Looking for suggestions… What is the Best Landscape Software (for Design)?

What is the best lawn care software design package to use?  More specifically, what is the best design tool to use to create a landscape design?

I actually don’t know the answer to this.  There are a lot of options out there. There are 300R solutions and there are solutions that cost thousands and thousands of dollars.  I know that Dynascape makes a package.  You might take a look at that.

Because I don’t know the answer, if you have a suggestion of a great landscape design package, please put that answer in the comments below. If you are on YouTube, put it below in the comment section.  Let’s see what other people recommend and what they are using.  Maybe we’ll find the answer.  But, I personally, do not know what the very best landscape package is to use.

My starting point would be looking at Dynascape, doing some Google searches, and asking on Planet if you are part of that organization.  If you would, then bring those comments back here so that we can figure out what the best solution is.