Italy Trip–ServiceAutopilot Academy Competition

Here is what you need to do to participate in the ServiceAutopilot Academy Competition to try and win a trip to Italy.

Hey Academy members! It’s Jonathan and I’m actually here in Ravello with Tifani. We’ve spent the last 10 days in southern Italy and I am hoping that this is where you’re going to come when you win the biggest, bad-ass competition. Remember, we’re giving you $10,000 to come here or we’re giving you a Harley. We’re in Ravello. This is southern Italy. It’s our favorite spot.

We’ve been here for three days. It’s a quiet place. The way you get here, and you have a month to go, is put together a video showing us exactly what you’ve changed in your life, both personally and in business. Personally what have you done that’s added more adventure? What have you done that’s pushed you out of your comfort zone? Then in business, what have you done to actually transform your business from a marketing standpoint? From an operational and employee standpoint?

What are you changing? Show us all of that. Now add to that because next year there’s probably going to be another contest. In fact we’ll probably go bigger next year. There might even be two contests next year. Who knows? Next year we’re going to do another one, so start thinking. You’re moving into 2016. What is it that you need to be doing and what is it that your core team needs to be working on right now to get ready so that next year when you’re competing again for next year’s contest that you’ve put yourself in the perfect position to win.

Again, same things. What are you changing in your personal life? What adventure are you adding? What are you changing in your business? What are you changing with your team? Who are the core people that you’re adding to your team so that you can grow faster and bigger? Think about all that stuff now because you’ve got to have it in place to eliminate all your bottlenecks for 2016 so that you can win, so that you can be here. It’s awesome. You’ll love it here.

I hope that we can finance your trip to Italy. Good luck.